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  • Joe Dirtay

    Joe Dirtay

    Bitcoiner to the bone

  • Eric Blander

    Eric Blander

    Data Science | Data Engineering | Python Development

  • @mtc


    Follow me @mtcbtc New to BTC? I recommend buying small + often @ coinfloor.co.uk/mtc (UK) or swanbitcoin.com/mtc (US)

  • Reed Wommack

    Reed Wommack

  • Aleksandar Svetski

    Aleksandar Svetski

    CEO @ www.amber.app. Editor @ https://bitcointimes.news. Bitcoin, Money, Philosophy, Business, Startups & Entrepreneurship. https://tippin.me/@AleksSvetski

  • Matt Ahlborg

    Matt Ahlborg

    Data Scientist, Research Fellow at dlab.vc

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  • Dave Ramish

    Dave Ramish

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